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Who We Are

Paws in Nature bring a combination of structured dog training and obedience, natural dog psychology, with scientific information that create an extremely well rounded approach.

We delve deep into every methodology, taking away the best parts, enabling to us to offer the public a well rounded service, that gives you a cutting edge up to date system that’s proven to work beyond question. From very detailed studies in behaviour science, to an extensive history of working hands on, we only ever seek to get the best out of dogs and owners.

Confidence is a massive part of our system, each owner needs to walk away feeling they can achieve goals and start to enjoy their human/dog relationship. We try and bring an element of laughter and lightheartedness to our service, keeping things easy to learn, leaving you feeling like you can hit easy to reach milestones.

We train humans, we train dogs, we help you understand the mechanics & psychology of both sides!

“In changing ourselves, we change our dogs”

Paws in Nature

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