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We're Paws in Nature

Specialists in Dog Behaviour

Looking for dog trainers in Wirral? Our vision at Paws in Nature is to provide a service that gets the absolute best out of the human-to-canine relationship. We aim to give owners the most effective user guide into the dog’s mind, understanding why they behave in certain ways, whilst using an easy-to-follow plan that drives you both to harmony and happiness.

We bring a natural side to your dog’s needs, combining obedience & nature, giving you access to control instinctual drives. Success is everything to us, and this has always underpinned our foundation for growing and learning, whilst helping us stay at the top of our game.

All you’ll find within Paws in Nature is dedication, adaptability and the hunger to make every dog become the most confident and happy version possible.

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Our Clients Love Us

We couldn't recommend Andrew highly enough.
He worked with us over a number of sessions to help Ted, a scared chihuahua who had bitten my daughter, build trust and confidence.
Now he's a much happier dog, who is far more sociable and chooses to spend his time with my daughter!

Grace & David

Paws in Nature were and still are amazing. I had a little mischievous Morkie who needed some attention with his training, manners and I turned to Paws in Nature. I have never regretted this decision. From lead training through to a one on one experience what a transformation, I now have a well balanced gorgeous doggie. Andrew and his team made the whole experience fun from start to finish getting the best out of my dog. They are dedicated team who are passionate in what they do I will be back for pack your pack walks too.
Thank you paws in nature xx

Maria Holmes

We got our rehome dog in September when he was 10 months old. He is a springer spaniel x staffie and therefore very excitable. He is the most loving dog with no aggression issues but he is a hunter and had no recall. Twice he took off and chased horses and it took an hour each time to get him back. One very angry woman shouted that he should never be let off the lead. That is when Paws in Nature was a lifesaver: with Andy‘s and Sammy‘s help he now has excellent recall and he now ignores horses. We had one-to-one sessions to work with Jack and spent a lot of time on their enclosed field. We joined the pack walk which again was remarkable. The difference in Jack is astonishing. Without their help, Jack would not have the freedom he has now. We go for a 7-8km walk every day and he is off the lead for the majority of the time. Even in lockdown the team continue to help us and give us tips. Thank you so much, without you Jack would not be such a happy and fulfilled dog!

Roger & Heidi Jones

We first came to Paws in Nature with Toby due to his dog and people aggression. I dreaded taking Toby out of the house, he would growl at everything that came near him and hadn't been off the lead in a long time because I was so afraid he would attack someone or another dog. He earned the title of The Exorcist on his first class. Paws in Nature really was his last hope. We had tried every gadget going, so when Andrew took them all off and gave me a slip lead I was completely shocked. We put in the work and I now have a dog who is a pleasure to walk and I will happily take off lead in public places, something I never thought would be possible!
Paws in Nature is not your quick fix. You have to be willing to put in the time and effort, but in return they will listen to you and be there for you completely. They 100% have saved Toby life, and I have made some fantastic friends in doing so!

Emma & Lee Adams

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