Our Clients Love Us


We couldn't recommend Andrew highly enough.
He worked with us over a number of sessions to help Ted, a scared chihuahua who had bitten my daughter, build trust and confidence.
Now he's a much happier dog, who is far more sociable and chooses to spend his time with my daughter!

Grace & David

We asked Andy for help with our retired racing greyhound when he developed severe separation anxiety, he was ripping off door frames and frantically trying to escape from the room, even though he had his littermate with him, so wasn’t alone. Within two weeks of following Andy’s advice he was settling happily when left, and is a generally happier, more content dog.

We also got Andy to help us with his explosive behaviour around other dogs, and again, he’s really improved. We can’t wait to be able to bring him to the group classes when the new centre opens.

Jenny Allen

We’ve started using Paws In Nature in June/July 2020. They have been an absolute god send for us and our 5 years old Shar Pei, Bruce.
He is a very nerves dog, highly dog reactive and also human reactive (only when approached though). We’ve tried several dog trainers and methods in the past but nothing seemed to make a difference in Bruce’s behaviour.

So we came to PIN as a last resort and we ended up using many of their services in the past 8 months or so and of course we will also carry on with some of them. So Bruce has done a 10 day rehab, a reactive dog weekend and Sammy still walks him on a weekly basis. I don’t think I would trust anyone else walking him and of course she is one of his favourite people too so he loves spending time with her too. ☺️

We also took our other dog, Sasha to obedience classes and our and her favourite: woof club which is a great way of socialise your dog in a fun and healthy way. We will definitely will be returning to this and hopefully Bruce will be able to join as well soon. And as I said it’s not just the dogs, my partner and I both love doing any kind of classes or activities with Andy and the team. They are great fun, in a very welcoming environment and another bonus is Andy has a great sense of humour.☺️

As I have met several trainers, I can confidently say that Andy and Sammy are definitely one of the best ones I’ve ever had the pleasure working with. They are not only fantastic dog trainers but brilliant human beings too. I’ve also come to realise that training your dog is just as much about your development and learning as theirs and PIN can help you with both. They have become a big part of our/Bruce’s life and I couldn’t be happier about it.

James & Denise Varga

We got our rehome dog in September when he was 10 months old. He is a springer spaniel x staffie and therefore very excitable. He is the most loving dog with no aggression issues but he is a hunter and had no recall. Twice he took off and chased horses and it took an hour each time to get him back. One very angry woman shouted that he should never be let off the lead. That is when Paws in Nature was a lifesaver: with Andy‘s and Sammy‘s help he now has excellent recall and he now ignores horses. We had one-to-one sessions to work with Jack and spent a lot of time on their enclosed field. We joined the pack walk which again was remarkable. The difference in Jack is astonishing. Without their help, Jack would not have the freedom he has now. We go for a 7-8km walk every day and he is off the lead for the majority of the time. Even in lockdown the team continue to help us and give us tips. Thank you so much, without you Jack would not be such a happy and fulfilled dog!

Roger & Heidi Jones

Paws in Nature were and still are amazing. I had a little mischievous Morkie who needed some attention with his training, manners and stubbornness.so I turned to Paws in Nature. I have never regretted this decision. From lead training through to a one on one experience what a transformation, I now have a well balanced gorgeous doggie. Andrew and his team made the whole experience fun from start to finish getting the best out of my dog. They are dedicated team who are passionate in what they do I will be back for pack your pack walks too.
Thank you paws in nature xx

Maria Holmes

When we got our whippet Willow, we realised quite quickly that we had adopted one crazy girl! She had no self control and certainly no desire to listen or be told 'No!' however, with Willow and our other dog coming to work with me each day, which is an open plan shop on a very busy main road, it wasn't long before Willow was jumping over the counter and heading for the door, which was a very scary situation! We needed help! So we got in touch with Paws in Nature who responded immediately and came for a home/shop visit.

After a good conversation and some observation of Willow, they came up with a simple but extremely effective plan. Lead by example, I was able to implement Willows new routine and new commandments inside both the shop and our home. And what a difference it made! This did take a good few weeks of solid training and a whole lot of patience but we got there in the end! To see how calm our girl is now, with of course an occasional crazy Whippet zoomie moment, you would not believe how wild she once was. There is no question, we would not of been able to do this without Paws in Natures expert help!

Vikki Johnston

We first came to Paws in Nature with Toby due to his dog and people aggression. I dreaded taking Toby out of the house, he would growl at everything that came near him and hadn't been off the lead in a long time because I was so afraid he would attack someone or another dog. He earned the title of The Exorcist on his first class. Paws in Nature really was his last hope. We had tried every gadget going, so when Andrew took them all off and gave me a slip lead I was completely shocked. We put in the work and I now have a dog who is a pleasure to walk and I will happily take off lead in public places, something I never thought would be possible!
Paws in Nature is not your quick fix. You have to be willing to put in the time and effort, but in return they will listen to you and be there for you completely. They 100% have saved Toby life, and I have made some fantastic friends in doing so!

Emma & Lee Adams

Daisy a 7 Yr old, very hyperactive border collie. She has a lot of issues with other dogs to chasing anything that moves to even being aggressive with humans and very bad around her food. We almost had given up on her and then we found Paws ln Nature which within a week of seeing Andy and Sammy on a one 2 one we had conquered her behaviour round food. Since then she has been on a pack walk with their dogs of lead may I add ?? which was wonderful to see and we're still working with them on this but even so still a massive improvement. We also attend obedience classes which are brilliant and learn a lot from. So if anyone has any problems big or small I wouldn't look anywhere else just get in touch with Andrew Lang at Paws In Nature❤️

Sue & Sharon Smith

In September last year we adopted our rescue dog Loki, from Zante. 3 months in he began to get defensive of our house, we were keen to nip this in the bud early as did not want it to escalate!

We had two 1.1 behavioural sessions before Christmas and saw a massive difference after just one session. The team at paws in nature were great and really helped us to understand Loki’s needs.

Loki’s issues are now pretty much resolved! But we will be taking him to the obedience group sessions, once back up and running post lockdown, as he gets so much out of the sessions.

Lauren & Dan Menhard