Rehabilitation Training Programmes

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Rehabilitation Training Programmes

Working exclusively with Andrew or one of our experienced Junior Behaviourists 

This is a complete tailor made six week behaviour modification programme. Inclusive of an in home schooling program where we teach the owner everything necessary to continue their training. This plan is completely moulded to the specific needs of each client, some plans are based on the dog spending time at our centre, others are targeted more on home visits working on issues you are experiencing at home.

Paws in Nature work with your dog Monday to Friday between 9am and 3pm. Days will always be interchangeable and can consist of a hour visit or the team having the dog for 6 hours. It has to be this way as some dogs will only be able to cope with little pressure to build confidence in the early stages, that will in turn build a stronger dog. 

We have a WhatsApp group chat with the Paws In Nature Team for daily video updates on your dogs progress.

Head Behaviourist Andrew Lang – £750 per week (£4500 – six weeks)

Junior Behaviourists – £500 per week (£3000 – six weeks)

The Social & Training Programme

This programme is for dogs that need a lot of balanced socialisation and foundation behaviour training. 

Throughout the 4 weeks we work will on the following

  • Socialising in a Pack Environment 
  • Recall
  • Lead Control
  • Marker Training
  • Thresholds (going through doorways)  
  • Weekly Group Session
  • Full Support in a WhatsApp Group 
  • Video Updates

Throughout this programme, we will work with your dog Monday to Thursday from 9am – 3pm (6hrs per day) for a total of four weeks. On the Friday of each week, we will run a private group class for all the dogs training with us to learn skills and techniques to create a good relationship and to continue their training at home.

This option can also be inclusive of boarding at either our kennels or our homes for an extra fee of £25 per night.

£275 per week  (£1100 – 4 weeks)

The Social Programme

Pack socialisation work with Team Paws in Nature

Our social programmes are aimed towards dogs that are maybe a little bit under socialised with other dogs and have developed some fear towards them. If this is the case, we will aim to build up the confidence around other dogs in incremental stages.

Or maybe your dog is super excited by other dogs and just needs to learns some manners around them. For this we will aim to build on calm, control and boundaries around other dogs.

For this option, we will have your dog Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm (6hrs per day) for a minimum of one week to a maximum of six weeks. This is also not inclusive of any training with the owner – socialisation for the dog only.

£225 per week.

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