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1:1 Consultations

Need a Dog Behaviourist in Wirral?

Since 2003, our one to one service has been the core of all our successful rehabilitation cases. Fundamentally, the most effective way to get to the root of a behaviour issue, is to understand the hows and whys of a dogs mind. Dogs only ever behave to better their own situation, so working out why it’s motivated to do something will always be the best place to start. The top and bottom of nearly every  dog in front of us is, they will all be different, and making each case as tailor specific as possible for that dog is paramount to helping them move in the right direction.

Our job is to identify the source of your issues, and move toward making you both happy. We spend time uniquely pairing various training methods to fit both your needs, targeting your individual success on confidence, consistency and the dedication needed to have a happy balanced dog. We look at everything from your dogs diet, the type of exercise and fulfilment based on the breed, and how to get levels of engagement that will develop a relationship that has you both listening to each other. The aim of each session is to give owners a deep understanding of their dogs issues and have solutions to make changes for the better.

Centre visit is a 1 hour consultation, consisting of both theory and practical work.

Centre Visit £90.00
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Home visit is a 1 hour consultation, assessing your dog in its home environment, consisting of both theory and practical work.

Home Visit £90.00
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The Session

At the Centre

We have a ready made training environment with enclosed areas to help give a free and relaxed area to work. On hand we have raised dog beds to work on target boundaries, if required, an indoor area, along with a whiteboard where we can draw examples and get deeper into behaviour science if and when needed.

Each client is asked to bring a treat pouch, treats and any toys they think help motivate your dog.


Home visits

Home visits are designed to see you in your day to day home environment. We ask if its possible to sit at a dinning table to have our initial talk, if one is not available, we can sit somewhere else. The reason will be explained at the appointment.

We look to get to the bottom of the issues your experiencing, explaining where we think they may have come from, whilst planning strategy to move forward and make changes. Each session usually consists of an outdoor walk, however some sessions work better delving deeper into theory and doing more of the work inside your home.

Within the session we will give a clear solution to help your dogs issues.


The Important Stuff

  • We ask that your dog is in a healthy state and has no underlying medical problems. If you feel that your dog’s behaviour may be due to a medical problem, please speak to your vet before the session.
  • If your dog is aggressive or nervous with strangers, then please inform us of this before the visit.
  • All owners are responsible for their own dog on our sessions.
  • During the session, we may need to take your dog for a walk so appropriate footwear for different terrain (eg. grass, sand, mud) is recommended.
  • Our preference of dog lead is a slip lead. We use this as it provides the best results and used properly, it will be the best lead you will use with your dog (this can be explained on the session). We are open to use any type of lead as long as it is effective in helping your dog.

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