After adopting our dog Bruce from kennels, he came with some issues of dog aggression, he didn’t like to go on walks, big open spaces and busy roads made him anxious. Not walking and his fears and mistrust in humans made him jump up at visitors in the house. This was through no fault of his own but his background and previous owners hadn’t given him a very nice start. We didn’t know how to help him, Andy and paws in nature was recommended to us by a friend. Andy did 1 session with us where we realised use of a slip lead and lead control was pretty key , Andy also taught us what to do when others dogs approached Bruce and most importantly he taught us how to be pack leaders. We couldn’t believe the change in him by us applying what we where taught after one session. What Paws in nature offer doesn’t end there we took him on pack walks to help with his socialisation and eventually we let him off his lead to run round, meet and play with other dogs, this was such a happy moment for us all. Bruce is now walked twice a week by Paul from Paws in nature. I really cannot thank the team enough Andy, Kim, Penelope and Paul have all supported Bruce (and us) and he is now a happy, trusting, calm dog who likes his walks and hardly ever jumps up at visitors. The difference is unbelievable and we now understand what our dog needs I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you so much.


Rufus is now a happy boy thanks to Andrew, Nikki & the Paws in Nature team. We had our 1st one to one session in July 2015 & by the end of that session Rufus was off lead & behaving beautifully. Did I believe this could happen in one session not 100% no. We called Andrew back a few months later for a follow up session as a refresher for us humans. Again excellent results.

Our final time was the four week rehabilitation course which is invaluable to fully understand your dogs mind. We have attended all pack walks to date & again the team are always willing to answer questions & they are always there for everyone, it’s never too much trouble. I never thought I’d see the day but last week we were asked along to help him work on a case it was an unbelievable insight & experience. I cannot recommend these team of wonderful people enough.


Having worked with Laura on a couple of occasions to deal with my Welsh Collie’s fear issues towards strangers, especially men, I now have a much more relaxed and happy dog. I can’t recommend or thank Laura and the Paws in Nature team enough for their help, knowledge and support.


Cassie and Kay

SBT 11 and 12 years

 I contacted paws in nature regarding my two older rescue Staffordshire bull terriers. The main issue was dog aggression with any dogs other than each other. I had been to many dog ‘trainers’ previously to no avail.. Their behaviour had not improved in fact was worsening. It seemed like they were not motivated by treats, toys or anything!! I thought they were too old to make any significant changes!

The 1st session Andy and his team met the girls and showed me where I was going wrong as a leader and explained the way the girls think. wow I didn’t realise how I was going wrong!! Within half an hour of a walk I had control of my more dominant dog! (she’s not for the faint hearted!) on following sessions they improved more and more!!

 I cannot recommend the team more highly no matter the issue, the dog breed or situation Andy and his team will have a solution. You will become a confident pack leader with a happier more balanced canine!!


Jake my Border Collie is a rescue and has fear aggression towards certain men and bikes. After nipping a guy over Christmas I was at my wits end until Andrew from Paws on Nature came to the rescue. After one session he now walks quietly behind me as his Pack Leader (he always pulled and lunged forward before) and Andrew is helping me put things in place to help overcome his fear aggression. Still a way to go but the improvement already is incredible. Thank you Andrew Lang and the team


I can’t put into words how grateful I am to Paws in Nature, especially Laura Suckley for her help with my 2 Border Collies Bess & Molly. I contacted Laura as a last resort, my girls were out of control and I was looking to rehome them. Molly had terrible aggression towards other dogs and people, they were both chasers – they would chase anything that moved, joggers, cyclists, cars and wouldn’t recall to me however hard I tried. It had got to the point that when walking them on the lead and a car went past they would end up fighting. The final straw came when I got caught in the middle of one of their fights and ended up with 3 bites to my leg. Laura came to the house for her 1st visit and assessed the girls at home before we headed out on a walk together. Laura gave me instructions for walking them and how to behave in the house with them and within a few days we could see a massive improvement. Now 4 months later on, and a lot of hard work, I now have 2 dogs that are a joy to walk, who recall instantly and are no longer chasing anything that moves. Paws in Nature have helped us understand our dogs and helped us all understand how to become a more confident, responsible dog owner and for that Molly, Bess and our family are eternally grateful



Can’t recommend Andy and Nikki highly enough. Their help with our dogs has been invaluable. We’ve learnt so much over the past 4 years and really couldn’t have achieved what we have without them. We now have a calm pack and our walks are so much more enjoyable. Dont know what we would have done without them to be honest.  They’ve basically gone above and beyond the call of duty to help us and it’s so reassuring to know they’re there whenever we need them



Heard about Paws in Nature through word of mouth – so glad I did. Contacted Andy regarding my dogs fear aggression, ended up becoming a pack leader! Cannot thank Andy & the Paws in Nature team enough, my Maisie and I are now enjoying walks off lead – something I never thought would happen. The team are so knowledgeable & approachable, would definitely recommend the 1:1 sessions, dog psychology course & pack walks. Getting in touch really will change yours & your dogs life – do it



Was intrigued when I heard re “The Dog Whisperer on the Wirral” and we weren’t disappointed … Andy has taught us so much – not just about our dogs but also ourselves as owners. We definitely recommend and do keep recommending him when out on walks. Most pet owners would benefit from a session with Andy & the Paws in Nature team. And our dogs love Andy!!



Amazing to see how quickly change in behaviour can come about…fantastic results in only a few days of modifying our routine



Just completed paws in nature dog phycology dog training course. Highly recommend it. Andy trained us the owners and spent time during our pack walks with each dog. Learnt so much about these beautiful animals and how we need to live with them in a calm and controlled manner to make them the pets we want within our boundaries. What a lovely couple Andy and Nikki are and so gifted. We also met some great people


We have 2 Lhasapoo dogs; Sam & Lucy. Very spoilt & treated like babies, hand fed, slept on our bed, pulled on leads & very yappy!!

Andy showed us how to treat them as part of a pack; with us as pack leaders. We changed to slip leads. No more hand feeding & they sleep in crates. Walks are much better. Sam is a scout & Lucy is a nanny!!

Andy taught us as much about ourselves as the dogs. Would highly recommend Andy



I was facing some pulling problems, with my recently adopted 1 year old dog, when I heard about Paws In Nature from a friend who told me her experience.

My dog was easy to train with basic commands, but when she was on lead she was always showing a strong reaction when crossing with other animals (cats, dogs, squirrels and birds), a non-violent but nervous German Shepherd and it wasn’t becoming better. It was then when I’ve decided and scheduled a first session with Laura … I can only try to describe how amazing it was – she explained and showed me how important it is to be the pack leader (basically it was my problem and how my best mate was seeing me), I saw immediately a positive response on Sheba and since then we’re being working on those premises with very good results and being a happy family


Can’t really recommend highly enough the unique passion this team dedicates to dogs and their owners – If you’re struggling with any kind of issue with your dog, you really need to get in touch and experience this gifted team help and learnings.