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Specialists in Dog Behaviour

The vision at Paws in Nature is to provide a service that gets the absolute best out of the human to canine relationship. We aim to give owners the most effective user guide into the dogs mind, understanding why they behave in certain ways, whilst using an easy to follow plan that drive you both to harmony and happiness.

We bring a natural side to your dogs needs, combining obedience & nature, giving you access to control instinctual drives. Success is everything to us, and this has always underpinned our foundation for growing, learning, whilst helping us stay at the top of our game.

All you’ll find within Paws in Nature is dedication, adaptability and the hunger to make every dog become the most confident and happy version possible.

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Our Clients Love Us

Having worked with Laura on a couple of occasions to deal with my Welsh Collie’s fear issues towards strangers, especially men, I now have a much more relaxed and happy dog. I can’t recommend or thank Laura and the Paws in Nature team enough for their help, knowledge and support.

Claire & Basil

Jake my Border Collie is a rescue and has fear aggression towards certain men and bikes. After nipping a guy over Christmas I was at my wits end until Andrew from Paws on Nature came to the rescue. After one session he now walks quietly behind me as his Pack Leader (he always pulled and lunged forward before) and Andrew is helping me put things in place to help overcome his fear aggression. Still a way to go but the improvement already is incredible. Thank you Andrew Lang and the team

Sharon & Jake

Was intrigued when I heard re “The Dog Whisperer on the Wirral” and we weren’t disappointed … Andy has taught us so much – not just about our dogs but also ourselves as owners. We definitely recommend and do keep recommending him when out on walks. Most pet owners would benefit from a session with Andy & the Paws in Nature team. And our dogs love Andy!!

Sally & Charlie

Heard about Paws in Nature through word of mouth – so glad I did. Contacted Andy regarding my dogs fear aggression, ended up becoming a pack leader! Cannot thank Andy & the Paws in Nature team enough, my Maisie and I are now enjoying walks off lead – something I never thought would happen. The team are so knowledgeable & approachable, would definitely recommend the 1:1 sessions, dog psychology course & pack walks. Getting in touch really will change yours & your dogs life – do it

Lu Bell

Can’t recommend Andy and Nikki highly enough. Their help with our dogs has been invaluable. We’ve learnt so much over the past 4 years and really couldn’t have achieved what we have without them. We now have a calm pack and our walks are so much more enjoyable. Dont know what we would have done without them to be honest. They’ve basically gone above and beyond the call of duty to help us and it’s so reassuring to know they’re there whenever we need them

Julie Ryding