At Paws in Nature, we specialise in canine behaviour and rehabilitation. We pride ourselves on the success we achieve using an instinctual and natural approach. Through our continued study of both wolf and canine, we work to mirror Mother Nature’s ways to create the balance and harmony both dog and owner need to live happily together.

Paws in Nature work on a pack mentality theory to teach owners natural pack leadership skills, whilst using calm and confident techniques to rectify any problems in your dog’s behaviour. We work on getting to the root of a problem, rather than using coping and distraction techniques. Our aim is to provide a professional, committed service to our clients which will see them supported and educated on a journey to finding balance.

We have a highly committed team that work tirelessly to ensure our clients are getting the best programme available, taking pride in having one of the most integrate and natural dog rehabilitation services on the Wirral & throughout the UK. The Paws in Nature team have a reputation for taking on problem dogs that in normal circumstances would be euthanised. Some of their own rehabilitation dogs have been in this situation, but now work as part of a rehabilitation pack of dogs that give guidance and direction to unbalanced dogs every day. If you are looking for a long term solution to build a happy harmonious relationship with your dog, using organic instinctual methods provided by a team with endless knowledge in Dog/Wolf Psychology, then Paws in Nature is the natural choice for you.

“In changing ourselves, we change our dogs.”

Paws in Nature Wirral – The Natural Way with Dogs