Carol Lewis


Carol`s love of animals and a desire to help her own dog, who at that time had ill health, led her to train in Reiki. She further trained to practitioner level and ultimately to master/teacher level ( 2001). She has further studied under Kathleen Prassad (worldwide Animal Reiki Source teacher) and is a listed Animal Reiki Practitioner with Animal Reiki Source. Last year, she became listed as a SARA practitioner (Shelter Animal Rescue Association).

Her animal Reiki work currently involves Parkgate Pony Sanctuary, rehomed and rescue animals and Reiki for pets. She primarily works with dogs and recently her experience has expanded to becoming a volunteer Reiki worker with the ponies (and the lovely Mr Sheep) at Parkgate Pony Sanctuary. Her association with the ponies and Andrew and Nikki has led her to Paws in Nature.