Andrew has specialized in working with dogs and their owners since 2003. His interest started from a young age, but he developed a deep hunger for wolf and canine psychology when he acquired his first dog.

He has been on a continuous path of learning in the years since then, studying the work and wisdom of Bruce Foggle, Cesar Milan, Jan Fennel, David Mech, Sean Ellis, Leon F Whitney and many others.

Andrew spends a lot of time studying the behaviour of wolves and learning how their natural balanced way can help influence a healthy behaviour in canines.

With thousands of dogs successfully rehabilitated, his study and dedication has enabled Andrew and the team to become of the most accomplished dog rehabilitation teams in the UK 

His methods include teaching the owner to become a balanced pack leader, which in turn equips them with the skills they need to alleviate any problems Andrew finds in their dogs behaviour. Working with Mother Nature and through his continued study of wolves, Andrew uses methods that are used in the wild, mirroring wolf/street dog behaviour, and adapting that into our daily lifestyle, in the best way possible.

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