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At Paws In Nature we strive to use a natural approach when working with dogs. We are not dog trainers Рwe are practitioners of dog psychology and the methods we use are based on pack structure and mentality. Our aim is to teach owners to become pack leaders, whilst providing the direction and leadership essential to every dog.

Our one-to-one service consists of a home visit which includes an assessment of your dog’s behaviour. Here, we can highlight any problems and are able to explain the techniques we will be using and why we will be using them.

Each session usually includes a walk where we will work hands on with your dog. On occasion, we may have to focus on gathering more information and working at your home. We look to get owners working on the problems themselves through demonstration, ensuring you are comfortable and happy in dealing with any issues highlighted.

The number of sessions needed is dependent on how much rehabilitation work the dog needs and how quickly the owner can establish a leadership role and work through the problems independently. Some dogs may need just one session, others may need multiple sessions.

Our team of behaviourists are results orientated and we do our best to get these results as fast as possible. However, using dog psychology to balance a dog’s behaviour can be detailed and complex at times, so patience is key.

Each session will usually last between 1-3 hours.

Our fee for this service is £90.


– We ask that your dog is in a healthy state and has no underlying medical problems. If you feel that your dog’s behaviour may be due to a medical problem, please speak to your vet before the session.

– If your dog is aggressive or nervous with strangers, then please inform us of this before the visit.

– All owners are responsible for their own dog on our sessions.

– During the session, we may need to take your dog for a walk so appropriate footwear for different terrain (eg. grass, sand, mud) is recommended.

– Our preference in dog lead is a slip lead. We use this as it provides the best results and scientifically works better with the dog’s natural instincts (this can be explained on the session). However, we are open to use any type of lead as long as it has a positive effect on the dog.

– With natural techniques, we may need to use a correctional touch with the dog. This is a touch that is designed to snap the dog’s mind out of the behaviour it is projecting. In nature, dogs will bite each other, so a correctional touch is the most natural & effective way to communicate with your dog. We will always explain the reasons why we are using this correctional touch, as well as providing guidance on how to use it yourself. If we are working with dogs who have fear and anxiety issues, we will not use the correctional touch as it can make the problem worse.

– We always look at providing the most fulfilling exercise for your dog, so off-lead time in a safe environment may be something we include on our session. Your dog’s behaviour tendencies will be assessed before we make a decision to let the dog off-lead.